Balkonas / The Balcony

Category: Fiction, 48 min

Director Giedre Beinoriute

Producer Jurga Gluskiniene

Production: © 2008 Monoklis (Lithuania)

Distribution territories: Theatrical release (Lithuania),14000 viewers, LTV (Lithuanian TV)

Selection at festivals:

IFF Vilnius Spring (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2009)

Lucas International Children’s Film Festival (2009)

Michel Children’s and Youth FilmFestival Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany, 2009)

Nordic Film Days Lubeck(Lubeck, Germany, 2009)

Het Jeugd Filmfestival (Antverpen / Briuge, Belgium, 2010)

Cairo International Film Festival (Cairo/ Egypt, 2010) – Silver prize for the best short film

GoEast International Film Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany, 2010)

„Espressofilm“ International Film Festival (Vienna, Austria, 2010)

International Children Film Festival “Kinderfilmfest Augsburg” (Augsburg, Germany, 2010)

La Cabina International Medium-Length Film Festival (Valencia, Spain, 2010)

Lithuanian distributors award for the Best Lithuanian film, 2008
“Silver Crane“ award for the Best Short Film, Lithuania, 2009

Cairo International Film festival for Children and Youth Silver prize for the Best Short Film, 2010

La Cabina International Medium-Length Film Festival, award for the Best Cinematography (cinematographer Audrius Kemežys), 2010






Falling out of a balcony and scratching a chin or swallowing a fishbone – doesn’t hurt, but it hurts to love.


An undistinguished province town of the 80’s. After parents’ divorce, 11-year-old Rolanas and his dad move in next door to same-aged Emilija. Friendship is born between the kids, however, shyness or fear of opening-up makes them communicate through the wall, sitting in their own balconies, o through a socket connecting their flats. Emilija’s parents also appear to be on the verge of divorce. The children discover common topics, activities. Unfortunately, a nearly tragic accident prevents Emilija to go to the balcony. This encourages both children to set out for a “real” date.


Scriptwriter/ director/ editor  – Giedrė Beinoriūtė (born on August 23, 1976)

Graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, Film and TV department with a MA in audiovisual arts. Since 1997 directed and wrote eight fiction and documentary short films. Since 2007 teaching script writing and TV directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. In 2002 Beinoriūtė was awarded a prize from the Lithuanian Cultural Ministry for the best professional debut in the arts. In 2005 the director was awarded a prize from the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union for the documentary Vulkanovka. Po didžijo kino. (Vulkanovka. After the Grand Cinéma). The author’s newest documentary Gyveno senelis ir bobutė (Grandpa and Grandma) earned awards at film festivals in Ukraine, Belorus, Canada, Lithuania, and was also awarded a Lithuanian Filmmakers Union Premium as the best Lithuanian documentary 2007.

Filmography (selected, as a director and scriptwriter): Troleibusų miestas / City of Trolleybuses (doc., 28 min, 2002); Egzistencija / Existence, (fiction, 23 min, VG studio, 2003);Vulkanovka. Po Didžiojo kino / Vulkanovka. After the Grand Cinéma (doc., 50 min, VG studio, 2005); Gyveno senelis ir bobutė / Grandpa and Grandma (animated documentary, 30 min, VG studio, 2007), Balkonas / The Balcony (fiction, 48 min, Monoklis, 2008).

Producer – Jurga Gluskinienė (born on May 18, 1977)

In 2003, Jurga Gluskinienė received her BA in art critic and in 2008 – a MA in culture management (a study „Coproduction System. Analysis and Possibilities for Lithuania“) from Vilnius Art Academy. Since 2002, has been working in Lithuanian film industry as a line producer and executive producer. In 2006 with colleagues established a film studio “Monoklis“.

Filmography (selected): Egzistencija / Existence (short fiction, dir. G.Beinoriūtė , VG studio, 2004 – line producer); Tėvai ir Vaikai / Parents and Kids (short fiction, dir. A.Gluskinas, production AXX festival 2005 – executive producer); Krautuvėlė / Little shop (short fiction, dir. A.Gluskinas, production AXX festival 2006 – executive producer); Gyveno senelis ir bobutė / Grandpa and Grandma (animated documentary, directed by G.Beinoriūtė, 30 min, VG studio, 2007 – executive producer), Balkonas / The Balcony (fiction, directed by G.Beinoriūtė, 48 min, Monoklis, 2008 – producer).


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